About me

My name is Owen Delaney, Artist and map maker, and keen jogger. Here’s a little background about me:

After studying Art and History of Art to A-level standard at school, I went on to pursue a career in IT. I continued to draw and paint in my spare time over the years, and one day my passion for running and exploring the outdoors inspired me to draw a map of The Arc of Attrition - a long distance footrace along the South West Coast Path in Cornwall, after somehow managing to haul myself over the finish line.

This sowed the seed, and more maps followed of my experiences on the trails. This led to requests for commissioned work from other runners and event organisers.

The maps have now become another big passion in my life. I put a lot of thought and effort into my work, drawing on traditional and modern cartography techniques, always looking to create the best possible result.

📷 Dan Ross

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Writing about my artwork, and perhaps other running relating ramblings.


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